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Aquarium Algae
Aquarium algae is often though of as a nuisance to be scraped and tossed, but it's not all bad and can be controlled with a few simple steps. Although algae is unsightly to look at leaving a little around isn't such a bad idea as some of your fish might like to eat it.

Aquarium Backgrounds
Backgrounds can add depth and interest to your aquarium as well as hide filters and other tank apparatus. They can also server to block light from coming in....

Aquarium Filters
Water quality is critical to the health of your fish, so it is important that you have the appropriate aquarium filters. Waste products can build up quickly, turning to ammonia and making the water poisonous to your fish, but a well filtered tank will keep this from happening and.....

Aquarium Heaters
Fish are "cold blooded", meaning that they can't maintain their body temperature, and therefore most need their water to be heated.....

Aquarium Lighting
Your fish and plants will need around 12 hours a day of light to best simulate their natural environment and make them feel right at home. Think about putting your lights on a timer in order to be consistent as too much, too little, or inconsistent lighting may stress your fish and cause health problems.

Choosing Fish That Will Get Along
We all want a variety of different kinds to make the tank more interesting to look at, but you need to be careful that the types of fish you are choosing won't be picked on by those you already have or vice versa.

Picking The Right Tank will Make Caring For Your Fish Easier
Tanks come in every size from small bowls to giant 500 gallon aquariums. Choosing the right tank will make your aquarium experience much more enjoyable for both you and the fish.....

Fish Foods
Some fish are plant eaters, some meat eaters and some eat both. Different types of fish feed at different levels in the tank and need different kinds of food.....

Fish Diseases
There are hundreds of diseases that can affect fish in an aquarium – here’s a quick guide to some of the more common diseases and treatments.....

Setting Up Your Freshwater Aquarium
Learn the two most important things about setting up your aquarium plus what equipment to buy and the steps needed to get your tank ready for fish.

Care Of The Siamese Fighting Fish
With it’s long flowing fins and vibrant colors, it’s easy to see why the Betta Splendens or Siamese fighting fish is a must have for every tank.

How To Raise A Goldfish
Did you know that your goldfish can live for over 10 years? Under the right conditions he can live much longer, so learn how to properly care for these beautiful fish and get a friend for life!

How To Setup A Freshwater Tropical Fish Tank
This is an 11 step guide to setting up a freshwater aquarium in your home. Including the equipment you will need and how to set up the tank and prepare it for your fish.

Providing The Best Care For Your Goldfish
Goldfish care is critical for the health of your goldfish. Unfortunately, goldfish are very vulnerable...

Quick and Easy Way to Help With the Goldfish Tank Smell
I was excited to have a goldfish until this awful smell filled up the room. I had tried liquids that you put into the tank to help with the smell. The tank did look attractive with the water being a combination of purple and blue but the smell just wouldn’t budge...

Breeding Crayfish
In this article I shall try to give a short overview of some of the basics when breeding crayfish. Particular species may have other behaviours and demands. It should be said that my main experience as an aquarist is with relation to fish, but I shall try to convey what little knowledge I have....

Breeding Gouramis
Gouramis are a quite popular chocies among fish hobbyists. For novice fish breeders, breeding gouramis can be an appealing challenge. Getting them to spawn and raising the fry can be a rewarding experience...

Breeding Piranhas
Piranhas are a unique creature that has won its so popularity, not only because of its appearance, but also due to the many myths they are told in. Unfortunately only a few species having been breed...

Breeding Oscar Fish
The Oscars, or Astronotus ocellatus, from Cichlidae family, are fairly easy fish to breed. All you need is pretty much leaving them alone and letting them do their thing if you lucky enough to get a pair...

Feeding Bettas
Knowing the right way to feed your betta is fundamental, because not doing it right can have big consequences on your bettas health....

Feeding Your Pet Stingray - The Essentials of Maintaining a Varied Diet
Stingrays will eat a wide variety of foods. Maintaining a varied diet is extremely important in ...

How to Buy Healthy Fish
Well, of course there is no guarantee that the fish you see, you are interested in (and you are going to buy) is totally healthy. A Fish can appear as healthy as it could be but in fact it has invisible inner problems ...

Keeping Gars - A short review
If you take a quick look at this species they don't seem like aquarium fishes. They are large and highly predatory. But then again, these are qualities that attract some...

Neon Tetras
Neon tetras are one of the most popular community fish and an excellent choice for those new to fish keeping. Their purchase size is often under of an inch and at full size, they reach a big 2 inches in length...

Spawning the Chinese Algae-Eater
I would like to say a few words about one of the bigger surprises I've had as an aquarist. A few years ago I was cleaning out a 50 gallon holding tank in which I kept fishes that were going to a new aquarium when ...

Your Child's Goldfish ~ easy, inexpensive care ~
Goldfish are popular starter pets for children and a good parental choice when it comes to budget and time considerations, although you should take note that goldfish can grow to be anywhere from....

Your First Cichlid Aquarium
In this article I shall try to give a few examples of good cichlid aquariums that are suitable for beginners. ...

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