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Different Types Of Tropical Fish and How To Pick The Good Ones
There are many different types of tropical fish you can buy for your tank but you must choose them carefully. Here's some types of fish you may consider and how to pick ones that are healthy and happy.

Choosing And Planting Aquarium Plants
Putting live natural plants in your aquarium can provide your fish with a great place to hide, spawn and swim around in, much like they would find in their natural habitat. Aquarium plants can also help to reduce the toxic carbon-dioxide level which can keep your water healthy for your fish.

Avoiding Aquarium Disease
Most aquarium disease is allowed to affect your fish because they are stressed. Stress from poor water conditions and overcrowding can weaken your fishes defenses and cause him to become more susceptible to the micro organisms typically present in the aquarium water which can then take hold and infect him with disease.

Buying Aquarium Fish
Selecting your aquarium fish is critical to the success of your tank. Not all fish can co exist in the same tank - here's some tips on succesful aquarium fish buying.

Stop Scrubbing Your Algae - Let The Chinese Algae Eater Do It For You!
The Chinese Algae Eater (Gyrinocheilus aymonieri) might not be the prettiest fish in the tank, but he certainly is the hardest working and if you have an algae problem, you should consider adding one to your aquarium.

Decorating Your Tropical Fish Tank
Find out about these decorative but important elements such as gravel, plants, wood and decorations.

Goldfish Disease
Learn about some common goldfish disease and how to avoid them.

Aquarium Fish Disease
The biggest cause of disease in your aquarium is poor water quality. Learn how to spot some of the signs of disease so you can head it off before it kills all your fish!

Ich or Ichtyopthirius is a parasite that is sometimes called white spot as it appears on your fish is little white spots.

Fungus Isn't Fun For Your Fish
Another fish disease, fungus, or cotton wool disease can be a serious problem.

Adding Fish To The Tank
Do you want your fish to get along? Then you'd better read these tips on how to choose fish for your fish tank.

Should You Choose A Freshwater or Saltwater Fish Tank?
Choosing between a fresh or saltwater fish tank is one of the first decisions you need to make before setting up a home aquarium. Here are some tips on how setup and maintenace vary for the two.

Dealing With Aquarium Algae
Wouldn't fish tanks be a lot more fun without the algae? Find out how to deal with this necessary evil of aquaria.

Tips For Easy Aquarium Cleaning
Here's how to make cleaning your fish tank a lot easier.

Freshwater Tropical Fish For The Novice
For the novice fish tank hobbyist, the first fish you put in the tank are very important. Here are some types of fish that are good choices as they will survive under adverse conditions.

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