Biocube 29 Gallon Reef Aquarium Setup

Here’s a step-by-step guide of how I setup my Biocube 29 Gallon reef aquarium.  For this setup, I removed the bioballs in the back and put in 1 liter of Matrix Bio Media.  I also added a protein skimmer to the rightmost chamber (chamber 3 I guess it is).   For the water, I made RO/DI water and mixed it with Instant Ocean Reef Crystals.

I put a little water in first, to make sure it wasn’t leaking and then added 2 bags of aragonite sand.  I guess I should have been more careful about mixing the sand up because the tank got pretty cloudy and was still looking that way the next morning.  Here’s a picture:




Day two was pretty boring so I didn’t take a picture.  The tank was still very cloudy when I woke up, so I shut off all the filters and pumps as it seemed they were just churning up the water and making it worse.  It settled down a lot by the end of day 3 – although still a bit cloudy.  I’ll leave the filters off tonight and then turn them on tomorrow.  Here’s a pic of what it looks like on day 3:



Day 4:

This morning I woke up and the tank was a lot clearer.  So, I turned on all the filters and heater, then added some more salt to bring up the salinity.  By nightfall it was almost perfect:



The next step will be to get some live rock in there and let the tank cycle.  Probably won’t be for a few days though since I have to actually find the time to get out to the store and then find some live rock that I want for the tank.

Day 6

I got my dead rock (yesterday) and put it in the tank today.  Next step will be to get live rock for the rest of the aquascape and eventually this dead rock will get populated with little creatures and become live, thus adding to the biological filtration of the tank.




Day 9

Finally, we got the live rock for the tank!  We actually could have done this on day 7 but we didn’t make it to the pet store until today.  Came up with a pretty nice aquascape too.  My favorite little part is on the side (in the first picture) – that piece of rock fit right in to make a bridge almost as if it was made for it.





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