Fish Tank Guide

Keeping a fish tank or aquarium is a very popular hobby and has been for centuries. In fact, it is thought that the keeping of fish started hundreds of years ago with the Chinese breeding of the popular goldfish.

While keeping a fish tank is an easy hobby, it does require some planning. You must be sure to get the right equipment for the type of aquarium that you plan to keep and adopt a strict maintenance schedule to keep the tank clean and your fish healthy.

Of course, the first thing you need to do is decide what you want for a fish tank. The rule of thumb for size when choosing a tank is that the bigger the aquarium tank, the less maintenance you’ll need to do and the more fish you can house. If you are just starting out you should consider a 20 to 30 gallon aquarium.

When buying the tank, make sure you also get a hood and stand that match the footprint of the tank. Most hoods come with the lighting built in, but if yours did not you will also have to find a light for the tank. And of course, don’t forget the heater!

Finally, you need to decide on the filtration system. There are three basic kinds of aquarium filters, biological , mechanical and chemical. You should definitely have a combination of biological and mechanical in your tank. The verdict is out on chemical filtration, some say you need it, and others feel it is unnecessary or only necessary for sort term if you are trying to correct a certain problem with your water.

When setting up your tank, don’t forget to let it cycle through before adding any fish and, of course, you should take care to choose fish that are compatible with each other.

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