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Danios - Great Tropical Fish For Beginners


This breed of fish comprises many different species all of which are familiar to aquarists the world over. The common name of Danio is used for all members of the genera Danio as well as those of the Devario genera. They are originally found in fresh water rivers and streams in South East Asia and as many of the species are brightly colored they have now become available worldwide as aquarium fish. In the wild these fish would normally consume various small aquatic insects, crustaceans and worms as well as fry plankton. They usually have a life span of about 5 years and are omnivores so they eat most foods. They like the water to be of a temperature between 64 to 74 degrees Fahrenheit and that it has a pH level of between 6.5 and 7.0. They prefer to be in tanks of more than 10 gallons capacity and because they are a peaceful fish they are great for community tanks.

They are amongst the most hardy and active of aquarium fish now available and the more common version available is the Zebra Danio. This particular Danio is recognizable by its distinctive horizontal stripes. Often the Zebra Danio has a slim compressed silver gold body which has blue purple horizontal lines on it which run from their gills to their tail. They are small in size usually no more than 2.5 inches long. Although both the female and male have two pairs of barbels and the same stripes, the female is often usually larger and more full bodied than its male counterpart. But you will also find there are albino and leopard varieties of this particular breed of fish as well.

However, the Zebra Danio is primarily a surface dwelling fish and favors water that is moving. Although they are technically considered to be cold water fish they will adapt to a wide range of water conditions as they need to. However, they should be provided with plenty of lighting and open swimming space as well as some sort of vegetation. As they are omnivores they will accept almost any food provided to them. But although the Danio diet is undemanding they do enjoy small live or frozen inverts as well as fresh vegetable matter as part of their dietary supplements.

There is one more benefit to be had from having Danio's as part of your first aquarium in that they are prolific breeders. Also you will find with the Zebra Danio that they are loyal to their chosen mate and will remain together and will rarely spawn with others even if one should die.

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