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Care and Keeping Of The Oranda Goldfish

The Oranda goldfish is a popular aquarium pet and has the usual distinction of a fleshy, bumpy growth on the top of his head. This bumpy growth is called a wen and is normal for this type of fish although the first-time observer may think that the fish has some sort of disease. This is a beautiful fish with metallic scales and comes in colors that range from yellow to red in some exotic colors such as chocolate as well as a fancy white version that has a red wen (called the Redcap Oranda - pictured in photo). They typically have peered anal fins and a dorsal fin and can grow to be about 7 inches long. They originally come from China but can be found in pet stores all over the world today.

Like any goldfish, the Oranda is a good community fish and can be a great tank inhabitant that will help to clean up the bottom of the tank. Also, like other goldfish, this fish needs a clean tank of the appropriate size. Though many people think they can keep goldfish in a small bowl this is not really a good home for any type of fish as it will not provide them with enough room or the clean water quality to make their life pleasant.

The Oranda goldfish survives quite well in a tank with temperatures between 65 and 72F so doesn't really need a heater unless you let your house become very cold in the winter. These fish are omnivores and you should feed them a variety of flake foods as well as some fresh and frozen foods. A good-quality flake food every day is a must and you might also consider brine shrimp or blood worms as a treat, however, live foods might present the danger of bacterial infections and parasites so you might want to stick to frozen varieties.

You will notice that the wen on these fish grows in stages typically during the fall and spring. You might want to keep an eye on it as it can be prone to bacterial infections as fungi and bacteria can settle in the folds of the hood. If you notice it becoming red or raw, you might want to take steps to clear out any infection that has sent in.

Oranda goldfish tend to be bottom feeders but will swim in all areas of the aquarium. These are egg layers and can spawn pretty readily if the conditions in your tank are acceptable to them. They are a fairly inexpensive fish but can be a bit delicate and, therefore, may not be a good fish for novice aquarists.
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