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Tropical Fish

One of the most important aspects of your fish tank is, of course, the tropical fish that you put in it! Here are some links to everything you need to know about different types of fish and what the best aquarium conditions are for that particular type.

These fish are pretty to look and you can keep a bunch of them in the tank together, however, they are aggressive so you might want to be careful with your other tropical fish.

Angel Fish
These delicate looking fish are really quite easy to keep.

Tetras are small fish that make a big impact when you add them in groups to your aquarium - the favorites are neon tetras and cardinal tetras.

Tiger Barbs
Learn what fish tiger barbs get along with and how to keep them happy in your fish tank.

Black Knife Fish
Watch out for this guy as he might eat your smaller fish!

Fancy Guppies
Fancy guppies can add a school of color in your aquarium.

These interesting fish can live in fresh and salt water.

Learn about the blue gourami and other types of gourami and how to care for them in your fish tank.

The Butterfly Loach
The butterfly loach makes a great addition to any community tank - learn how to feed and care for him properly.

The Bala Shark
This peaceful shark like fish isn't really a shark at all. Find out more about them and how to keep them in your tank.

The Elephant Nose Fish
Learn how to keep this shy, exotic fish happy in your fish tank.

The Danios
Learn about this family of tropical fish that is quite hardy.

The African Butterfly Fish
A bit territorial with surface dwellers, he can be a good fit in the right tank.

The Puffer Fish
With it's comical face and interesting habit of puffing, the puffer fish could be the most interesting one in your tank.

Freshwater Angelfish
Learn about this delicate and beautiful fish and how to care for them in your aquarium.

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